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Welcome to your new home. Steam Exchange is an Upcoming Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform - made in Canada, for the world. A culmination of learning, innovation, and scalable digital asset solutions.

Steam Exchange


Our fully robust trading solution. The charting platform gives you access to essential trading tools and deep market liquidity. Use limit/market orders and all the essential trading tools and indicators required to execute your best trading strategies. Hybrid cross chain integrations allow trades to access multiple liquidity pools minimizing low liquidity slippage. Our powerful API allows you to easily plug into numerous software and services. The Steam Exchange native blockchain integration ensures low fees to get the most out of your trades.

The Rails Network is a blockchain built for hosting and operating smart contract-based applications with an emphasis on utility, speed, and cost efficiency. Open ended engineering will allow it to expand beyond the internal Steam Exchange ecosystem and provide an all-encompassing experience in regards to utility, security, and scalability.

In collaboration with the University of Waterloo & Sheridan College, Steam Exchange is proud to be an innovator in the digital asset learning Metaverse. Bringing a unique learning experience to the forefront of the crypto ecosphere.

The Steam Exchange Mining Pool will provide analytical data and insights across a variety of metrics, allowing for constant status updates on the participants and wellbeing of the network. Providing insight, analytics, and detailed reporting metrics across our ecosystem remains a core UI/UX focus for us.

Designed with absolute convenience in mind, this specific aspect of our ecosystem will enable our userbase to access the plethora of NFTs available for trade across a wide range of NFT platforms.

The upcoming Steam Exchange Launchpad & Innovation Lab provides accredited investors and future users of our platform the opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors, while at the same time, providing a safe space for new and innovative projects to thrive.

Steam Exchange

BETA Release Plan

Swap & Quickswap
    Aug 1 2022
  • Look and feel of the Steam Exchange platform
  • Identify bugs within the user interface
Rails Network Testnet
    Aug 15 2022
  • Reset testnet to block #1
  • Set the testnet up to facilitate BETA
  • Test security functions & features
Steam Exchange Native Coin
    Aug 22 (29) 2022
  • Migration protocols initialized
  • Community allocations available for testnet
  • Minting capability through a faucet for new members to join BETA
SteamX Pro (Advanced Trading)
    Sept 26 2022
  • Registration will be open
  • KYC will be available
  • Testnet look and feel experience
Launchpad & Innovation Lab
  • App & Smart Contracts deployed to Rails Network
  • Applications will be accepted for projects
  • Testnet presale for look and feel experience

Core Values

The core team has, and always will believe that transparency is the key to success. With our open door policy paired with constant availability, we will always put our ethics and honesty above all else.

Synergy Focused

Our culture promotes an inclusive mindset to enable synergy across teams, with our strategic partners, and across our ecosystem of products; bringing you superior and thought-out products as a result.

For the Cause

As an organization, we're in this for the right reasons. We strive to do our bit to help various causes and use our platform to bring about positive change across the crypto landscape and beyond.

Community Centric

We do our best to listen close to our global userbase. We recognize the feedback, insight, and trust bestowed upon us and are constantly looking for ways to add value and utility for our community.

Our team

Meet the Steam Team

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

our mission

Our mission at Steam Exchange Inc. is to provide a robust & fulfilling digital asset ecosystem. As a team, we thrive on synergy and strongly believe that it is the foundation for success.

Steam Exchange



Looking For Answers Regarding BETA?

What does BETA testnet mean?

Before launching onto mainnet we must deploy our testnet environment for the purposes of identifying bugs and vulnerabilities. This is of utmost importance. We are inviting the Steam Exchange community to help in this initiative.

Can we trade during BETA?

Trading during BETA will be restricted to testnet currency. You will be able to execute trades, but not with real currency. Having a BETA where we ask you spend real currency would be highly irresponsible.

Can I apply to launch a project through Rails Network?

Absolutely! BETA is where we begin taking applications for projects that would like to migrate their existing projects, or launch a net-new project to the Rails Network.

Why isn't the CEX part of the mainnet release?

Our centralized exchange will require regulatory approval for go-live. More information regarding this journey will be provided as it unfolds.

How long will BETA last?

The goal with BETA is to identify bugs and vulnerabilities, to fix them, and to submit a final version of our ecosystem for QA and audits. Once we are satisfied with the results, we will switchover to mainnet.

What happens next?

Steam Exchange Inc. has a very robust plan for the future of our ecosystem. Functions and features will continue being optimized and our AI driven gamified learning will gain significant developmental focus.